Most of our living environments have become saturated with Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), also known as Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). The digital revolution has brought a lot of convenience to our lives, but has also introduced an enormous amount of toxic man-made radiation.

Our society as a whole has adopted wireless technology rather quickly without awareness of the health implications. FCC guidelines were established to prevent the heating of human tissue. Many biological effects occur way before tissue is heated. Thousands of credible studies have been conducted to showcase the health effects of EMF.

The World Health Organization has declared EMF Radiation as a Class 2B, possible human carcinogen. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine, American Academy of Pediatrics and American Society of Reproductive Medicine have all issued warnings due to the health hazards associated with EMF Radiation. 

As part of our EMF assessment service, we analyze the living environment by examining four types of EMF:

1.) Radio Frequency Radiation

2.) Magnetic Fields

3.) Electric Fields

4.) Dirty Electricity

Radio frequency radiation, also known as RF, is the higher frequency radiation created by cell phones, wi-fi, bluetooth, cordless phones, smart meters, radar and many other technologies.

Magnetic fields are caused by net current flowing. Wiring errors in homes can produce elevated magnetic fields. Current flowing in places it shouldn't be, like pipes and cable lines, are also common sources of magnetic fields in homes. AC to DC transformers create magnetic fields. Metal in bed frames and furniture can be magnetized and cause a disturbance of the earth's natural magnetic field.

Electric fields are caused by building wiring being energized. Electric fields induce voltage on the body.

Dirty electricity is higher frequency transients and harmonics that are found on building wiring. Power supplies that convert electricity from alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) typically create dirty electricity.

An EMF assessment service will identify both internal and external sources of electromagnetic radiation. The service also comes with an in-depth report including measurement values, severity ratings and recommended solutions.

Shielding paint being applied as a conductive priming layer to block radiation from entering home from a nearby cellular tower.

Shielding paint being applied as a conductive priming layer to block radiation from entering home from a nearby cellular tower.

We also offer EMF solutions to solve existing problems and eliminate radiation. Whether you want to setup a wired network, shield your bedroom, or just fix EMF problems in your building, contact us to discuss your project needs.