Healthy individual having trouble sleeping:

I slept very well the last two nights (since you were here). Last night, I slept nine hours.

Over the course of the last year in my new house, I was having more and more difficulty sleeping. Last week, I slept only six hours four nights in a row which is the worst sleep I’ve had in my life. Growing up I slept eight hours every single night.
— D. S.

Boy with prior autism diagnosis refusing to sit at dinner table:

This is the first time my son ever sat for a meal at this table, EVER. I thought it was a leftover OCD/PANS quirk, like wearing certain clothes. Marcus tested a variety of types of radiation, and he found very high levels of magnetic radiation coming in on our copper plumbing pipes (people use plumbing to ground electricity and faultiness can lead to high fields coming into the house). The pipes were most prevalent under our kitchen. When he took the measurements in the kitchen, the spot DIRECTLY UNDER MY SON’S CHAIR was the highest in the house! It wasn’t OCD, the magnetic radiation was making him feel sick and jittery! He said we should get “that guy” to fix all the “chairs” that make him jittery so he can sit down in other places, too! Marcus, thank you!!! Your help and sharing of knowledge today was invaluable.
— R. A.

Multiple chemical sensitive (MCS) individual reacting to newly installed carpets:

Thanks again for everything yesterday! For the first time in a long time, I slept with ease breathing air as fresh as outside... our lives are finally on our way back to normalcy. We really appreciate everything!!
— J. S.

Electromagnetic hypersensitive (EHS) individual reacting to home:

We kept all the circuits on except for our bedroom last night. (We had only been able to keep furnace and fridge on since the problem started.) So WIN! I’ve been at work all day today. She felt good this morning. I just talked to her and she’s planning a dinner and movie in our home tonight. And, since she hasn’t been able to spend any time at all in the kitchen in about a month...WIN again!

Considering all the things we have tried so far, I’m very optimistic about what you did for us last night. We’ve spent a LOT of time and money on things that were supposed to help that didn’t so I’m not celebrating too much yet, but I feel like we’re on the right track.
— E. M.