New construction and remodeling are great opportunities to create healthy environments. Most standard building materials are full of toxic chemicals that off-gas into the air. Non-toxic building materials can be used that are comparable or less costly than traditional options. In all of our new construction and remodeling projects we focus on the following:

1.) Selecting building sites with low ambient radiation, clean soil, and clear from geopathic stress lines.

2.) Low-EMF shielded electrical wiring

3.) Shielding from external sources of radiation like cell towers

4.) Hard-wired shielded networking and phone lines

5.) No formaldehyde from wood composites and fiberboards

6.) No VOCs from paints, flooring or carpets

7.) Grounded floors and walls

8.) Natural radiant heating and strategic ventilation

9.) Natural hygroscopic building materials with a high thermal mass

10.) Sustainable building in harmony with the local ecosystem