Healthy House. Healthy Family.

We are on a mission to rebuild people's health by minimizing environmental toxins. We follow the laws of nature. When ecology thrives, biology thrives and vice versa.

Healthy HouseTM is a small organization founded by Marcus, an environmental health engineer and building scientist. Marcus is a graduate of the University of Michigan College of Engineering and has completed post-graduate studies at the Institute of Building Biology and Ecology.

Baubiologie (Building Biology) is a field of building science. It's focused on investigating the indoor living environment for a variety of toxins and working to minimize them. Marcus enjoys working with new families to improve the healthfulness of their homes and workplaces.

Marcus became interested in environmental health after he and his family members developed allergies and environmental sensitivities. By testing and improving his own living environment, he was able to improve his and his family's health.

The health of our nation is on a rapid decline. Environmental toxins have been on the rise for years and there are clear links to increasingly common health conditions such as allergies, asthma, autism, auto-immune disorders, and chronic fatigue.

Today, eating healthy and exercising are important as always, but can be fruitless without focusing on your environment. Healthy habits like these must be complemented with a healthy environment. Whether you are already healthy or are health comprised, you can benefit from cleaning up your living environment and ridding your home of toxins.

Marcus has worked with families struggling with Lyme Disease, Autism, MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity) and Cancer. He has seen many of his clients improve their health conditions and get more effectiveness out of their medical treatments.

Marcus enjoys living in his Healthy HouseTM located in Michigan and spending time with his wife and four children. He has adopted a back-to-basics philosophy and can be found researching environmental health, sustainability, natural healing, and organic gardening.