Minimize EMF exposure from personal grooming appliances.

Healthy HouseTM TechTip

Hair dryers, curling irons, and electric razors produce considerably high EMF (ElectroMagnetic Fields). It is best to test your electrically-powered personal care products, minimize the use of them, or better yet follow a few simple tips to reduce your EMF exposure.

Hair dryers typically create high magnetic fields often approaching or exceeding 20 mG near your head. Most hair dryers will produce less EMF when set to the lowest speed and to the lowest heat. Exposure can also be minimized by holding the dryer at a distance from your head. Hair dryers with ceramic core heating elements usually produce less EMF than traditional ones. Consider replacing yours with a ceramic core model.

Curling irons create high electric fields often exceeding 150 V/m near your head. When using a curling iron, hold it as far away from your head as possible.

Electric razors create significant magnetic fields, typically around 5mG near the tip of the blade. Consider using a manual one or minimizing it's use. All of these aforementioned readings are at or beyond the extreme level of concern according to Building Biology standards.