Keep power cords away from your body.

HealthyHouseTM TechTip

The majority of standard power cords are energized to 120 volts. This voltage potential emanates an electric field that induces voltage on the body. This is referred to as "body voltage." Body voltage can be lessened by keeping power cords further from the body.

Many people work at a desk with a jumbled collection of power cords and power strips at their feet. It's also very common to keep multiple things plugged in around your bed or sofa. Moving these cords as far from your body as possible will lower your body voltage. Try to aim for at least four feet or more of separation.

Low power devices typically have a small block at the end or in the middle of the power cord. This block is the transformer that supplies DC power to the device. Many of these transformers emanate a magnetic field that will drop off with distance. Keeping these transforming power supplies away from the body will also lower your magnetic field exposure.