Turn your WiFi off at night and when you're not using it.

Healthy HouseTM TechTip

A WiFi router continuously beams radiation throughout your home even when you are not using it. The WiFi router or WiFi access point is typically one of the strongest and most constant sources of EMF radiation throughout the home. WiFi routers emit a lot of radiation because they are designed to propogate the signal throughout the whole building including walls and other dense materials.

There are some simple ways to reduced your WiFi radiation exposure.

Good: The easiest way to stop the radiation is to unplug it from the wall before bed.

Better: Another way to accomplish this is to put it on a outlet timer, the same kind you'd use to control your holiday lights. Set it to go off at night and on in the morning.

Best: The best way to accomplish turning off your WiFi at night is to put it on a remote-controlled outlet switch and only turn it on when you absolutely need it.

A+: You get an A+ if you go fully wired and kick your WiFi router to the curb by finding a sustainable way to recycle it.

Having your WiFi router off at night will lessen your toxic body burden and allow you to get more restorative and restful sleep.

The same techniques listed above can be used with other wireless devices in the home like smart TVs, wireless speakers, printers, cordless phones and gaming stations. Many of these devices radiate when off but still plugged into the wall.