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Replace your cordless phone with a regular wired telephone.

Healthy HouseTM TechTip

Many cordless phones continuously emit EMF radiation even when not in use. So if your phone is just sitting there in the base station, there is good chance it is emitting high levels of RF radiation throughout your home.

Your best bet is to replace your cordless phone with a plain old wired telephone. At the very minimum, move it as far from your sleeping area as possible.

Replace your wireless keyboard and mouse with wired ones.

Healthy HouseTM TechTip

Replace your wireless keyboard and mouse with wired ones. The vast majority of wireless keyboards and mice use Bluetooth and emit a lot of EMF radiation. Instead, it is better to use a wired USB mouse and keyboard.

Be sure to turn off Bluetooth on your computer after you you swap them out or you will continue to be exposed to excess radiation. It can be found in “System Preferences” on a Mac. On a PC, look under “PC Settings -> Wireless” on Windows 8 and above.

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Disable wireless on your printer.

Healthy HouseTM TechTip

If your printer is connected to your network via WiFi, turn your printer off when not using it. Most WiFi-compatible printers continuously emit EMF radiation when they are on.

If your WiFi-compatible printer is already hardwired via ethernet, be sure to disable the wireless signal on your printer. This setting can usually be found buried in the configuration menus on the printer. Exact placement varies depending on manufacturer.

Some printers have two means to print wirelessly. For these printers, you will need to disable both WiFi and WiFi direct (Wireless direct).